No-Fault Doesn't Mean No Lawsuit

Having no-fault insurance can be advantageous in many cases as your medical bills are paid without having to argue over who was really at fault in a car accident. Another advantage is that negligence injury lawsuits aren't as common in these states as the no-fault law does not require determination of fault for insurance to pay out. However, that doesn't mean you can't be sued or can't sue someone who was technically at fault.

Stop Making Excuses Not To Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer

While not all personal injury cases will require the assistance of a lawyer, it is always a good idea to consult with an attorney before settling your case. Unfortunately, far too many people choose not to take this advice. Oftentimes these individuals will site one of a few common excuses when asked why they have chosen not to consult a personal injury lawyer. This is really quite unfortunate because the truth is, these common excuses are often based upon myths or a simple lack of information.

Determining Fault With A Car Accident After A Left-Hand Turn

If you were making a left-hand turn and found yourself in a car accident, the other driver might assume that you're at fault for the crash. However, this is not always the case. There are other factors that can determine which party is liable, and you will always want to ask an auto accident attorney for help. The Legality of the Turn Whether or not you made a legal left-hand turn will affect whether you will be considered liable for the crash.

Mitigating Liability in Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims vary significantly from one case to another. The value of a personal injury claim may vary due to the severity of a plaintiff's injuries, the amount of money spent in medical treatment, or the plaintiff's level of contribution. Each party to a personal injury claim is entitled to a personal injury lawyer. While one personal injury lawyer works for the plaintiff to come up with a water-tight claim, another represents the defendant to dismantle the personal injury claim.

Important Services That a Hit-And-Run Lawyer Provides to Clients

A car accident can wreak devastating consequences on your life. However, these consequences can be even more dire if the person who caused it does not stop and provide you with his or her insurance information. You, then, are left to figure out who hit you and how you can make a claim against his or her insurer. You can get the guidance and assistance that you need by hiring an experienced hit-and-run lawyer to represent you.

How Do You Establish Legal Standing In A Wrongful Death Case?

If you meet with a wrongful death attorney about a case, one of the first issues they'll want to address is your relationship with the deceased person. This is because the law requires claimants and plaintiffs to have standing. Take a look at what standing is and how you would go about establishing it. Definition The law dictates that only certain people can file cases. When it comes to wrongful death law, the people with the strongest standing are those with direct family relationships to the deceased party.

Personal Injury Lawyer: Simultaneous Litigation

In some cases, personal injury lawsuits involve multiple plaintiffs. A personal injury lawyer can help your lawsuit rise to the top if multiple suits are in the mix. Here are some of the circumstances and strategies personal injury lawyers use in cases involving simultaneous litigation. Suing on Behalf of a Minor If you're the parent or guardian of a minor injured in a car accident or other tragic event, you may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit on their behalf.

How To Approach A Helicopter Accident Personal Injury Case

Riding on a helicopter can be very dangerous, especially during adverse weather conditions and when the helicopter pilot is negligent. One of the reasons why helicopters tend to be more dangerous is that they have many moving parts that can lead to the helicopter malfunctioning and crashing. If the pilot does not take the necessary precautions to make sure that your flight is safe, you may be entitled to compensation if you become injured.

Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are different from car accidents when it comes to proving liability. It's important to have a motorcycle attorney represent you in a personal injury claim involving a motorcycle accident. Here are some factors that affect liability in a motorcycle accident. Laws on Helmet In many states, some laws require motorcyclists to put on helmets when driving. Riders who fail to wear a helmet are three times more susceptible to suffering from a brain injury after an accident.

Drunk Driving Attorneys And Their Ability To Help Defendants In Court

A DUI charge carries with it some of the heftiest civil and criminal punishments. People who are found guilty of this offense could realistically spend months or years behind bars and pay exorbitant fines to the city or county. However, they have the right to defend themselves in court and prove why they should not receive the full sentence. They can launch the best defenses by hiring drunk driving attorneys to represent them.