Understanding The Personal Injury Process

How To Approach A Helicopter Accident Personal Injury Case

Riding on a helicopter can be very dangerous, especially during adverse weather conditions and when the helicopter pilot is negligent. One of the reasons why helicopters tend to be more dangerous is that they have many moving parts that can lead to the helicopter malfunctioning and crashing. If the pilot does not take the necessary precautions to make sure that your flight is safe, you may be entitled to compensation if you become injured.

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

A helicopter crash is likely to cause serious injuries and you may also be injured if the helicopter crashes in the water. Being in a helicopter crash is also terrifying. You may decide to seek compensation for your emotional distress, pain, and suffering. If you normally fly in a helicopter, you might find it difficult to continue to do so. 

However, if the accident is the result of something that is beyond the control of the operator, such as if your helicopter crashes due to an unanticipated storm, you may have a difficult time seeking compensation for your injuries. 

When Is the Operator at Fault?

If the helicopter was not properly maintained and the helicopter crash resulted from an equipment malfunction, the operator might be at fault for the accident. In other cases, the manufacturer of the helicopter might be at fault for the accident and you may need to file a personal injury claim against them.

In other cases, the helicopter is perfectly fine but the accident is the result of human error. The operator might not be following the proper takeoff and landing procedures or may miss a runway. The operator might also have failed to refuel and this may lead to the helicopter crash.

What Is the Role of Your Personal Injury Attorney?

Your personal injury attorney will investigate what happened to determine which party is at fault. Even if the personal injury attorney has not specifically handled helicopter crash cases, they will often turn to expert witnesses who are knowledgeable about how helicopter crashes occur and can help prove that the accident was the result of negligence.

Once you are able to prove that your accident was the result of negligence, you can begin the process of settlement negotiations. The more evidence you have on your side, the harder it will be for the defense to offer a lower settlement and your case will be less likely to be dismissed in court.

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