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Drunk Driving Attorneys And Their Ability To Help Defendants In Court

A DUI charge carries with it some of the heftiest civil and criminal punishments. People who are found guilty of this offense could realistically spend months or years behind bars and pay exorbitant fines to the city or county. However, they have the right to defend themselves in court and prove why they should not receive the full sentence. They can launch the best defenses by hiring drunk driving attorneys to represent them.

Referencing Prior Driving Records

When a defendant is charged with DUI in court, he or she can argue for a lighter sentence by referring to his or her prior driving record. Someone who has a clean driving record with no traffic or criminal infractions may not deserve to go to jail for months or years at a time, especially if no one was hurt because of his or her DUI.

Drunk driving attorneys, then, often make use of prior driving records, particularly when these records are clean of any major infractions. They can show the judge that their clients are not really a menace to society or a risk to public safety. Their clients may fare better with lighter sentences, such as community service or court-ordered alcohol rehabilitation, to learn not to drive while inebriated again.

Arguing Down Charges

Drunk driving attorneys can also bargain down charges against defendants before they head to court. A defendant may be charged with a felony when, in fact, the circumstances of the case may qualify for a misdemeanor. The lawyer representing that client can go to the prosecutor or judge and ask that the charges be lowered in light of the facts of the case.

Further, drunk driving attorneys can negotiate on what kind of sentence clients receive. If the prosecutor insists on jail time, an attorney can negotiate for the shortest amount of time possible. He or she may also be able to secure the defendant time in a work-release program or serving in county jail rather than state prison.

Finally, drunk driving attorneys can expunge defendants' records after their clients have served their time and paid their fines. Their DUI convictions will not appear on their criminal records during background checks.

Drunk driving attorneys provide critical services to defendants. They can refer to people's prior driving records to argue for lighter sentences. They can also bargain down charges and expunge people's criminal records of DUI convictions. Contact a drunk driving attorney if you have been arrested for driving under the influence.