Understanding The Personal Injury Process

Determining Fault With A Car Accident After A Left-Hand Turn

If you were making a left-hand turn and found yourself in a car accident, the other driver might assume that you're at fault for the crash. However, this is not always the case. There are other factors that can determine which party is liable, and you will always want to ask an auto accident attorney for help.

The Legality of the Turn

Whether or not you made a legal left-hand turn will affect whether you will be considered liable for the crash. For example, you are not allowed to make a left-hand turn at a green light if you will be cutting off oncoming traffic. However, you are allowed to make a protected left-hand turn because the oncoming traffic is not allowed to drive through a red light. 

Even if you are making a protected left-hand turn, you may be considered liable if you did not yield to a cyclist or a pedestrian. However, there are also cases where a cyclist or pedestrian can be negligent. Liability is based on the right-of-way, duty of care, and what is considered reasonable and prudent. 

Car Accidents at Stop Signs

At a stop sign, you will be allowed to make a left-hand turn if you were the first individual to stop at the turn. However, there might be a dispute over whose turn it was prior to the accident. Also, other factors might come into play such as the driver speeding or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Traveling at a high speed can make it more difficult for other drivers to determine if it is safe to cross or not.

The Investigation

To prove that your left-hand turn was justified, you may need to ask for help from an auto accident attorney. Your attorney will look for evidence at the scene of the accident, such as the debris that was thrown from your vehicle or from the vehicle of the other driver. If there were no skid marks, for example, this can be evidence that the driver didn't brake and may have been distracted or under the influence of alcohol.

After the investigation has been completed, your auto accident attorney can assist you in filing your personal injury claim and calculating the damages you have suffered. Your damages could include medical bills, damage done to your car, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses related to your car accident.