Know Why An Injury Lawyer May Decline To Take On Your Case

What makes injury lawyers very unique is that they work on a contingency basis. This means that you only pay the lawyer if you win your case, and they take a percentage of your compensation as a result. However, injury lawyers do not take on every case that is presented to them. They must agree to take on your case first. Here are some reasons why they may decline to take on your case.

Hit By A Drunk Driver? Your Personal Injury Case Will Be Affected

Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense in every part of the country. As a result, when an intoxicated driver is involved in an accident, a criminal charge and conviction are most likely to follow. However, what should not be assumed is that the accident victim will be compensated for the losses they have experienced as a result of the accident. Criminal vs. Civil If the driver is charged with a DUI at the scene of the accident and later convicted, don't assume that this judgment will have an automatic effect on your claim.

The Basics Of Workers' Compensation Settlement

If you have recently decided to file a workers' compensation claim, you might be wondering what happens if you agree to a settlement. Your workers' compensation lawyer might suggest that you consider a settlement in some cases. While most workers' compensation claims are pretty self-explanatory and come with consistent payments each week, a lump-sum workers' compensation settlement is different. Here's what you need to know about settling your workers' compensation case.

Understanding The Basics Of Your Dog Biting Someone

As a dog owner, it's in your best interest to understand the risks and laws surrounding dog bites. You need to be sure that you know how to protect yourself and your dog, as well as others that your dog may encounter. In the event that your dog does bite someone, you will need to find a way to defend yourself and your dog against those charges. Here are a few things that you need to know.

What Defense Can You Argue To Get Out Of A DUI Charge?

If you are arrested for a DUI, you need to act quickly if you intend to fight the charge. You need an attorney to help you mount your defense and build a case with the goal of getting the charges dropped. However, you need to know the possible defenses you may have. The following are some arguments that your attorney may use to help you get out of your DUI charge.

Tips For Hiring A Car Injury Lawyer That Can Represent You

When you are able to find the best car injury lawyer that you can afford, it becomes a lot easier for you to manage every single detail of your car accident case. By fighting and protecting yourself during a car accident case, it becomes a whole lot easier for you to return to work and your regular life after getting hurt. They can also help you to replace your vehicle and handle any ongoing medical needs and concerns that you have.

Waiting A While Before Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Liability auto insurance is required by law in the majority of states, as it acts as a form of financial protection for accident victims. Although the ability to seek compensation by filing a claim with an auto insurance company is helpful, it doesn't always cover all of the expenses that accumulate from an accident. If you need more money for your needs after going through such an incident, take the time to file a lawsuit against the other party.

What To Do If You Are Uninsured And Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

There are two things that don't go together: being uninsured and getting into an accident. If you were recently riding your motorcycle and were injured in an accident, then you may not know what you can do and what rights you have. From discovering who was at fault to hiring an attorney, this article will list a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the representation that you need.

3 Major Errors to Avoid After Being Injured in a Car Accident

Being injured in a car accident is always a completely unexpected event that no one can plan for. However, if you have the unfortunate luck to be injured in a car accident caused by another driver, how you react in the following days and weeks can make a big difference. Most people have little to no experience dealing with the aftermath of a car accident that causes injuries, so it is not surprising that a large number of people make mistakes that affect them negatively.

How To Proceed After Being Attacked By A Dog

Being attacked by a dog can be very traumatic and may leave both physical and emotional scars. When a dog attacks a person unprovoked, the dog's owner is almost always held liable. After being attacked by a dog, it is important that you take the proper steps in order to keep the situation under control. How you react can make a big difference in the outcome, to proceeding properly is essential.