Understanding The Personal Injury Process

Has Your Loved One Lost Their Life in an Accident? Three Situations to Hire a Lawyer

The sudden or traumatic death of a loved one can be disturbing. The situation might be more challenging if the death occurred because of someone's wrongful act or negligence. Luckily, the law gives you the right to sue the negligent party to compel them to pay you survivors' benefits.  

You can get compensation for funeral expenses, lost companionship, and lost wages, amongst other payments. However, most wrongful death cases are complicated, and you might not get the payment you deserve. That is why a lawyer's intervention is essential, more so in the following situations:

Loss of Life in a Plane Crash

Most plane crash accidents are fatal, leading to many deaths. They mainly occur due to mechanical issues or pilot errors. If your relative loses their life in an aviation accident, you can sue the airline company or the pilot for wrongful death. 

However, proving that the party was negligent requires extensive investigations. That is why you need to work with a personal injury lawyer when filing a lawsuit. They will find an aircraft accident investigator to determine whether the crash occurred because of a mechanical or human error.

Loss of Life in a Pedestrian Accident

A significant percentage of people involved in pedestrian accidents suffer severe injuries that eventually lead to incapacitation. Some people lose their lives on the spot. Consult your attorney to file a compensation claim if this happens to your loved one. 

In such a situation, the driver is the main suspect. But in some cases, it's the municipal to blame for the occurrence. If, for instance, the pedestrian walkways are not visible, it is easy for a driver to hit a pedestrian. 

Loss of Life When Undergoing Treatment

You also need the help of a personal accident lawyer if your loved one loses their life when receiving treatment. You should request a postmortem to determine what caused the death. For example, if they died in the surgery room, this investigation will help determine whether the surgeon made a mistake leading to the death. 

You can also sue a health professional if you realize that they failed to diagnose a condition. Or, they offered your relative the wrong medication, making them lose their life.

If someone you care about loses their life in any of the situations above, don't seek compensation alone. The at-fault party might outwit you in the case, making you lose some or all the compensation you deserve. Instead, allow a personal injury attorney to handle your claim to ensure a favorable outcome.