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Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer When Your Child Is Injured On A Neighbor's Trampoline

Trampoline injuries are so expected and common that some homeowners insurance companies require additional insurance if a homeowner has a trampoline on their property. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly suggests that there not be a trampoline on the property if there are children present. Common injuries on a trampoline include sprains, breaks, and more serious head and neck injuries.

If your child is injured on a neighbor's trampoline, you can face an unwanted legal dilemma. In this event, a personal injury lawyer is your best defense to help make the case as smooth as possible and allow you to focus on what matters most: your child's health. Here are reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer when your child is injured on a neighbor's trampoline.

Your neighbors might not have coverage

Even if your neighbor has homeowner's or renter's insurance for their property, there's no guarantee they have trampoline coverage included in their policy. Some homeowners or renters may not disclose they own a trampoline so they can avoid having their insurance policy go up, or they might have trampoline coverage in their plan but they don't follow the stipulations that allow the coverage to apply to your child's injury.

If for any reason the neighbor who owned the trampoline your child got injured on is denying care for their injury due to lack of coverage, you need to call a personal injury lawyer. They can work with your neighbor's homeowner insurance company to create a case on your behalf under the premises liability law. This can help keep your child's health insurance company from covering the charges and forcing you to co-pay for services.

Your neighbors may deny the injury

If your neighbors are claiming your child did not get injured on their property or they are trying to claim your child trespassed then got injured later, you know you have a legal battle on your hands. Before making claims and accusations, call your personal injury lawyer to handle your case for you. The burden of proof will lie on the neighbors to prove that your child got injured in some other way, and your personal injury lawyer can make it more difficult for them to deny responsibility.

If you hire a lawyer, you can be more likely to have your case settle out of court. This way, you have less stress related to your child's injury and you can get the money and medical care you need to help your child heal and move on after their injury. Refer all questions and conversations to your personal injury lawyer once you hire one.

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