Understanding The Personal Injury Process

Proving Negligence Is Often The Key To Winning A Slip And Fall Lawsuit

Did you recently fall or tumble to the ground unexpectedly after tripping or slipping on something that you did not realize was there? If this slip and fall occurred at an area business, it's possible that you could be entitled to financial compensation. To win a slip and fall lawsuit, however, you will likely have to prove that the business or organization was negligent to the responsibilities. Here's how you might be able to establish negligence and win your slip and fall lawsuit.

Any Business That Invites People Onsite Has a Responsibility to Safety

First things first, let's talk about the location where you fell. If you were on the property of a local business, it is reasonable for a customer to assume that a business will do everything it can to create a safe shopping experience. If the business clearly allows a puddle to remain on the floor or allows a tripping hazard to stay on the ground, the business is not upholding the responsibility it has to maintain a safe environment.

In a Slip and Fall Lawsuit, Documentation or Photographic Evidence May Be Key

In order to prove that a business was negligent, you will ideally want to provide some type of evidence that demonstrates that the company did not make its best effort to remove the tripping hazard or the puddle as soon as it was noticed. You may be able to obtain security camera footage which will demonstrate that multiple employees walked past the tripping hazard or puddle without doing anything about it. If the business failed to even put up a warning sign about the tripping hazard or a spill, this can also likely be viewed on the tape. For best results, obtain film of what the area you tripped in looks like on a normal day and what it looked like on the day you tripped or fell. If you had a reasonable expectation that there would be no hazards in a certain area based on past visits, then it cannot be your fault for not noticing a new hazard in the area.

A Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help You

In order to obtain security camera footage from the business in question, you may need to hire a local slip and fall attorney. Such an attorney will look over your case and come up with a plan that highlight the mistakes made by the business. Sometimes even having a lawyer just contact the business could be enough to get them to settle in order to avoid a more expensive lawsuit.

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