Understanding The Personal Injury Process

What Can Be Done About Police Brutality?

While police officers are given permission to use violence under some circumstances, police officers will sometimes use excessive violence. Phoenix has the most cases of police brutality followed by Houston and Los Angeles. When this happens, you may suffer injuries that were entirely unnecessary and you may find yourself with expensive medical bills you cannot afford. However, seeking compensation for your injuries after a police brutality case can be very difficult.

What Is Excessive Force?

When a police officer must subdue you, they may only use reasonable force because the Constitution prohibits the use of unreasonable force. Reasonable force is considered force that is necessary to subdue a suspect and is defined by state statutes. If you are not sure if the force used against you was reasonable, make sure to contact a personal injury attorney who has experience with these types of cases.

Police misconduct can come in several forms including unnecessary violence, sexual assault, blackmail, coercion, and strip searches. Even if you have not suffered physical abuse, you may have a case for emotional distress if the police officer verbally abuses you, makes a threat of physical violence, or intimidates you.

What Are the Consequences of Excessive Force?

Being the victim of police brutality places an individual under substantial stress. This stress is worsened by how you are then usually sent to jail. While it may be difficult, you should document everything and even keep a journal so you don't forget key points. Take photographs of your injuries. You may even be able to film your interaction with the police. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Obtain the contact information of everyone at the scene of the incident of police brutality.

When police officers are allowed to get away with using excessive force, they will be more likely to do so in the future. Therefore, if you seek compensation for the use of excessive force, you are not only doing so for yourself but for all future victims.

What Expenses Do You Deserve Compensation For?

You may be entitled to lost wages if you are unable to work due to your injuries. You are also entitled to compensation for out-of-pocket expenses and medical expenses. In some cases, you may be entitled to pain and suffering. For example, if you were restrained and the police officer used a taser repeatedly, you may be injured and also be entitled to pain and suffering. Contact a personal injury attorney about whether or not you have a case.