Understanding The Personal Injury Process

Know Why An Injury Lawyer May Decline To Take On Your Case

What makes injury lawyers very unique is that they work on a contingency basis. This means that you only pay the lawyer if you win your case, and they take a percentage of your compensation as a result. However, injury lawyers do not take on every case that is presented to them. They must agree to take on your case first. Here are some reasons why they may decline to take on your case.

Not Enough Potential Compensation

Since injury lawyers only make a percentage of the total compensation, they'll know the potential that they can make based on the injury that you have. If there is not going to be that big of a settlement from the case, they may decline to take it because there is much reward for the risk that they are taking on. This means that small injuries without many medical bills may not be worth it to take to court.

Conflict of Interest

It is possible that you are looking to use a business or individual that the injury lawyer has an existing relationship with. They may have represented them in the past, be currently representing them in another lawsuit, or were even approached by the defendant about the exact same case prior to your meeting. This will cause a conflict of interest with the lawyer, and they'll need to decline to take your case because of it.

Expired Statute of Limitations

Know that there is a timeframe for when you need to sue the defendant over a personal injury, which is known as the statute of limitations. If the time limit has elapsed, then there is nothing an injury lawyer can do to help you and they must decline your case as a result. Many people think that they can still sue if they are recovering from an injury, but it is based on when the injury happened rather than how long the injury lasts.

Challenge to Win the Case

Of course, a big part of taking on any injury case is if there is a potential to win in court. If it seems like you are liable for causing your injury rather than the defendant, then it will be very difficult to find a lawyer to take on your case. You will either need to represent yourself or agree to pay a lawyer an hourly rate in order to help defend you in court. You won't owe them a percentage of the total compensation if you win, but you'll owe money if you win or lose.

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