Understanding The Personal Injury Process

What To Do If You Are Uninsured And Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

There are two things that don't go together: being uninsured and getting into an accident. If you were recently riding your motorcycle and were injured in an accident, then you may not know what you can do and what rights you have. From discovering who was at fault to hiring an attorney, this article will list a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the representation that you need. 

Determine Who Was At Fault

The first thing that you need to do is determine who was at fault in the accident. Was it you or was it another driver? If it was your fault, then things can get a bit tricky, and the other driver may go after you legally. If it wasn't your fault, then you may have a case that you can bring against the other driver to ensure that you get the compensation that you need from the accident. 

Hire An Attorney

If you weren't at fault, then you should look into hiring an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents for those that are uninsured. The great thing about most personal injury attorneys is that they won't accept or receive payment until after their case has been successfully settled. So, if you don't get anything from the case, then they won't either. This makes it a lot more motivational for them to choose cases that they know will win and that won't waste their time. 

If you do find an attorney who wants to represent you in your case, they will do a number of things, including hiring an investigator to look into all of the details of the accident scene. For instance, they will look into police reports, hospital records, and even Instagram postings from the other person involved. All of these details will help show that you were in fact injured, but it wasn't any fault of your own. Then, they will try to settle outside of the court with the other person's insurance company to try to give you the compensation you need to cover medical bills, motorcycle repair, and any lost wages. 

Not everyone who gets into a motorcycle accident has a strong case that will allow them to hire a personal injury attorney and win, but you may. To learn more about your case and whether or not you should hire an uninsured motorist attorney, reach out to some law firms near you today.