Understanding The Personal Injury Process

Did You Suffer An Extreme Back Injury In Poor Outdoor Working Conditions? Get Workers' Compensation From The Construction Compan

If you got hurt at work and now your employer doesn't want to pay for your healthcare needs, what do you do? You call a lawyer to see if you have the potential to pursue legal charges against the employer, and you find out if you do qualify for workers' compensation.

If your employer doesn't want to pay you for hours that you aren't on the job, and they don't want to take the blame for the injury, getting your money can be a pain. Back injuries, pain, and damage can be permanent, and if you got hurt while working a construction job outside in the rain, take action now. Here are some things to discuss with your workers' compensation attorney.

Poor Working Conditions

Working conditions for construction workers can include high temperatures in the hot sun and cold days in the freezing winter. If you were forced to lift heavy items in the rain and you slipped and damaged your back severely, this is an injury that could have been avoided. If the tasks you were asked to preform shouldn't have been done in those conditions, and if your employer should have prepared the job site better or had the team work on something else but forced you to continue on that project, you may have a case.

Proper Safety Apparel

Most construction companies have a list of safety items they want you to wear while you are on the job. If you were wearing the slip-resistant shoes, gloves, and any other item that they issued or required you to wear, you can prove that you were taking the necessary precautions that they suggested to prevent an injury. This shows that the injury happened because you were in the rain doing tasks that weren't practical or reasonable.

Refusal of Help or Support

It can be surprising and sad when you get hurt working for an employer, and they don't want to help you in any way. If they don't want to pay for workers' compensation, sick days, lost wages, medical expenses or other concerns, you must get legal help to get what you deserve. You don't want to end up with years of debt and financial strain because of an injury that could have been avoided, and the refusal of your employer's help is a good enough reason for you to not want to work for them any longer.

If you were forced to come to work on a day when the weather was rainy and slippery and you badly injured your back, causing permanent damage that prevents you from working in the construction industry, you want to call a lawyer. A workers' compensation lawyer can work on your case while you try to heal your injury, and while you figure out what to do next with your life.

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